Why Video Content = The "keys to the kingdom"

September 7, 2021

Before we start, can you think of your favorite paragraph from one of the best books you’ve read recently?

No? Okay.

How about your favorite scene from Fight Club, or The Shawshank Redemption, or The Avengers even, that you saw like, a decade ago?

Many iconic scenes rushing to your mind, huh?

Like that one scene where the guy is kneeling in the rain and buildings are exploding around him and then 50% of the life forms in the universe disintegrate?

Wait. actually. I think I’m getting confused now.

Anyway, that’s the power of VIDEO

Today we’re gonna be talking about Saas Products, and two kinds of videos that can help a SaaS product achieve viral growth. 

For SaaS companies, one of the frameworks for success that we’ve learned about is growing by either:

  1. Increasing top of funnel leads, and
  2. Increasing paid conversions

Tweaking EITHER of these markers is the road to a better bottom line in your business

Let’s look at top of funnel leads first.

You could compare today’s internet users and Instagram swipers to toddlers (and I don’t mean this condescendingly, I swear). If you don’t spoon-fed them, they won’t bother to eat, even if they’re hungry!

What I mean is, even if I’m a user in NEED of the product you’re selling and your website has a treasure trove of resources, i.e BLOGS that plainly and clearly explain its UTILITY, I might still find myself drifting off because, simply put, black and white text is just not that sexy or memorable!

As a user, I might skim the blog or download your app and find myself fighting the urge to press the skip button when READING about the app’s mission and core features.

BUT, what if there’s a quick explainer video that’ll only require me to literally click one play button with my finger, sit back and learn everything I need to know about the app? 

Which is why, the first category of videos: EXPLAINER VIDEOS would be a great idea for top of funnel! 

Videos lift time spent on websites by 140% and conversion rates by 28% on average.

To emphasize my point, here are a few stats from Vidico, a explainer video agency on their average video stats:

When it comes to ACQUIRING, and more importantly, RETAINING customers, VIDEO CONTENT works like magic.

And the logic is simple - when visuals and audio come together, it becomes easier for the brain to process it and retain it. Even when it is OUT OF SIGHT, it is NOT OUT OF MIND!

This ties in to another important thing MANY businesses overlook - 

Building an organic based audience on YouTube

Let’s step back for a second.

What sells products these days?

Yes, facts and “scientific testimonials” are nice. 

But say, I’m a Gen Z or a millennial, swiping through countless apps and products on my Instagram feed that PROMISE me everything from cleared up acne to better sleep. 

What’s gonna sell it to me? 



A relationship.

As a quick point, when you search for “Calm app”, you’ll find all the search results are from the company itself. 

Their original content has consistently garnered them around 2M views a month thanks to YOUTUBE, which is one of the few acquisition channels that has discovery BUILT INTO IT.

Other platforms have been so saturated with content, that organic, non-paid discovery is too difficult.

The key to a sustainable SaaS business is to keep growth greater than churn. Remember that date you had, where you both instantly clicked, but then you both got too busy with your lives and drifted apart?

Focusing mostly on acquisition while overlooking retention is a lot like that. What’s the point of onboarding users if you can’t make them stay?

A  ton of SaaS companies these days overinvest in acquisition and not nearly enough in retention.

These companies often get a user to download, but fail to hold their hand through the app’s crucial sticky features.

So the user deletes the app, the company ends up getting no value, the user gets no value, everybody loses.

By leveraging the power of storytelling with highly entertaining, and most of all CONSISTENT videos that will hold their attention. You can turn a fickle one-time downloader into a LOYAL user!

And yes, before you ask, we’d love to help :)

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