The one thing that every video needs for success

June 25, 2021

At Dragonfruit, we want you not only to succeed, but excel in the YouTube content creation space. 

That’s why in this series we’ll be introducing you to…

  • The internet’s most successful 6 & 7 figure YouTubers.
  • Epic video content that consistently gets amazing results.
  • The actual mechanics behind viral shareability. 
  • How YOU can achieve similar results on YouTube

Today’s newsletter is all about Storytelling!

Look. You’re not a boomer (probably...?). I don’t have to get your buy-in for why storytelling is helpful

Mr. Beast, one of the biggest YouTubers of all time recently said in an interview..

“For most people, they could spend 100 days uploading videos everyday… or they could sit down, come up with a good video, get a million views in a week”

I'm boring you already I can tell.

I'm blabbing on about storytelling like everyone does.

So let's take a different angle... let's talk about biology.

The Neuroscience Behind Why Storytelling Will Always Be King

Neuroscience tells us that stories activate not one, not two… but SEVEN parts of our brain.

Each region of the brain is triggered by a specific sense in the story.

  1. Movement. 
  2. Touch. 
  3. Language processing. 
  4. Scents. 
  5. Language comprehension. 
  6. Sounds. 
  7. Colors and Shapes.

Stories trigger emotional responses, which means the brain is more engaged.

If the brain is more engaged, then the stories are more memorable.

And guess what? Emotions, not logic, drive most consumer decisions :O

Which brings me back to my first point - creating content is hard, but telling great stories will make it easier.

YouTube is the World’s Number One Platform For Sharing Stories

YouTube is the world’s 2nd largest search engine, with over 2.3 BILLION monthly users.

YouTube viewers (your audience) watch over 1 BILLION hours of video everyday.

80% of the internet has a YouTube account. So what does this mean for content creators?

Well, for a select few, it means quickly rising to serious fame.

Logan Paul is a 24yo kid from Hollywood that makes daily Vlogs..

  • He makes $23M per year from YouTube and brand deals. 
  • With over 5 BILLION lifetime views on his channel and 23M subscribers.
  • The guy spent $200,000 on a Pokemon card… if that’s not clickable I don’t know what is!

MKBHD (A.k.a Marques Brownlee) is a cool tech reviewer with over 14M subscribers.

  • He’s been uploading quality tech reviews for years
  • He now makes over $6M per year from YouTube.

Graham Stephen is a real estate investor turned YouTuber in the investment niche.

  • He made his initial fortune in Real Estate, 
  • He now makes over $4M per year from his YouTube channel.

So what is it that all of the rising stars have in common? … Money you say? 

Well yes they do now have a tonne of money… but also, they engage their niche with powerful stories.

Hamster roleplay? Yeah, that niche has stories to tell too.

So, in keeping with the overarching theme here, consistently telling good stories is what’s going to give you a massive boost to your content, your channel, and your brand awareness on the platform.

The mechanics behind any story is the three-act structure, also known as the hero’s journey. 

YouTuber D4Darious summarises script writing perfectly as a creative puzzle. 

While you’re writing-being creative and putting the story together, it’s easy to get lost.

Three-act structure is a tool to help you build your story.

This divides a story into three parts, often called:

  • The Setup (Act 1)
  • The Confrontation (Act 2)
  • The Resolution (Act 3)

The first act establishes the main characters, their relationships, and the world they live in. 

Later in the first act, the inciting incident, or catalyst, confronts the main character… 

(Don’t you hate it when that happens?)

They attempt to deal with this incident, but this just leads to a more dramatic situation,

 Which ensures life will never be the same again for our hero.

The second act, typically shows the hero attempting to resolve the big problem, only to find themselves in ever worsening situations. (Which keeps us intrigued!)

Part of the reason heroes seem unable to resolve their problems is because they don’t yet have the skills to deal with the forces that confront them. Can I get an Amen for self growth?

They must not only learn new skills but arrive at a higher sense of awareness of who they are and what they are capable of, in order to deal with their big problem.

The third act is the actual resolution of the story. The climax is the point when the main tensions of the story are brought to their most intense point and the world, and it’s characters are changed forever… I know, deep right?

In Conclusion

Without good storytelling, many creators' efforts are all for naught.

Take the teaching of thousands of great stories that have come before, and use that knowledge to create those magic moments, that intrigue, and that guiding structure that will keep viewers hooked on your content for hours, days and even weeks to come..

Till next time,

The Dragonfruit Media Team

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